Siemens Wind Power

Siemens Wind Power was in 2008 in demand of alternative ways to address the matter of crafting strategy in the Global Production Technology division. They wanted to try new methods and approaches that could involve all employees in the strategy development process. Since then, the need for establishing Siemens Wind Power as an organisation with a creative culture has awakened.

SPUTNiK5s delivery

Several divisions within Siemens Wind Power have since 2008 used SPUTNiK5 as consultants to design and facilitate strategy and concept development workshops. The tailored process was based on SPUTNiK5’s framework for systematic creativity, creative teams and strategy development. The approach is now best practice in several departments.

The systematic creative approach to general problem solving is now being implemented and integrated in many levels of the Siemens Wind Power organization in collaboration with SPUTNiK5. Employees are being trained to become internal Ideators & Facilitators.

In my work at Siemens Wind Power I have used the techniques and strategies of the Systematic Creativity training when hosting internal workshops, where a useful outcome is crucial, sometimes within a few hours. Siemens Wind Power is part of a fast moving business, so being able to introduce my colleagues to specific tools, which in a structured way and short period of time can give us workable results, is priceless. AND that it at the same time is created in a way so the process is fun, well that just makes it even better. I can recommend this training for everyone, not “just” people working with innovation and creativity – I actually think being able to go through a “solution creating” process in a few hours is even more important in work areas where there is less room for creativity!

L. Nielsen, Process Manager – Siemens Wind Power