Intel wanted to launch a international initiative, which can motivate and engage high school students across the world to gain interest in technology-based innovation and entrepreneurship. The initiative must be generic and universal to fit with the many different cultures across the globe.

SPUTNiK5s delivery

SPUTNiK5 developed, in collaboration with Intel, a new game-based educational concept. The concept uses elements known from gameification to engage the students in an exciting and educating process of innovation and ideation. In the delivery we furthermore put focus on the following areas:

  • Identification of actual user needs
  • Idea development & creative teamwork
  • Trendspotting & technology analysis
  • Effective presentation of developed solutions

The students are at the same time competing against each other in teams to solve the realistic case – the team with the most innovative, potential, and realistic solution wins.

Intel Entrepreneurship Programs

The concept is today a part Intel’s global Entrepreneurship Program.
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Video – Horsens, Denmark
Video – Kilkenny, Ireland