Ideation Camp for educational institutes

Put focus on innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship – A new possilility to inspire and educate future ideators and entrepreneurs.

A SPUTNiK5 Ideation Camp will challenge the students to look for new possibilities and find innovative solutions for problems and needs in their everyday surroundings.

Through this highly interactive camp, we put focus on user-driven innovation, and provide the students with practical tools to handle the process, from the initial problem statement, to user observation, technology screening and ideation along with prototype development and how to effectiveliy present the final solution. The basic concept is, that the students, over a duration of 2 days, is guided through a structured and intense Ideation Camp, in teams of 4-6 persons. During these 2 days, the students will:

  • Get to know their user/customer, and identify their needs
  • Research the newest technological trends
  • Develop innovative solutions through the use of systematic ideation
  • Build a basic business model around their idea
  • Present their solution for a jury of professional business people and experts
Through several years, we have hosted Ideation Camps for our 2nd semester Business Development Engineer students, in order to challenge them on their creative skills, and provide them with practical and tangible tools for ideation and concept development. We see that the students, after the camp, has a more systematic and innovative approach to problem solving, and is able to develop ideas and concepts for innovative new products and services within a wide variety of industries.

I. Kazankova, Lecturer M.Sc. – Aarhus University

To enable the participants to find possibilities for innovation through user observation and technology screening, and furthermore provide them with effective tools for ideation, prototype development and presentation of their solutions.
Target group
  • University students
  • High school students
We recommend a camp duration of 2 days.

Please contact us for a non-binding talk, if you are considering a event of shorter or longer duration.

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Our Ideation Camp is facillitated as a interactive event with a high degree of learning-by-doing. The camp is divided into 6 stages, which takes the students through the process step by step, along with a supplemental online platform. The participants will in this way be acquainted with essential approaches, which is indispensable for any innovator or entrepreneur. Below here you will find a overview of the 6 stages of the camp.

Ideation Camp Stages

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The Ideation Camp is initiated by a kick-off event, where we give a short introduction to the camp and what is expected from the students. As a part of the camps Kick-off, we will form project-teams using 3 different type-profiles, along with a team building exercise.


Through the user stage, the students will have to go into the field in order to research the problem area chosen for the camp, and observe the users involved in this situation. The purpose is to get a good understanding of the actual problem, and the surroundings in which this arises, before working on an actual solution. Focus throughout this stage is, on collecting information and refarin from creating solutions.


The purpose of the technology stage is, to collect information about a wide range of technologies which can be interesting i connection to the camps problem area, in order to get to know the full potential of these technologies when developing solutions. As in the user stage, focus is on collecting information to get the best prerequisites for developing solutions.


Through the ideation stage, we open up for the creative thinking. The purpose of this stage is to develop a proposal for a solution to the camps problem area, based on the information gathered through the user and technology stages. Focus is on creativity, ideation, innovation and concept development.


When the students have created their proposals for a solution, they have to design a prototype and a presentation through the create stage, which can effectively communicate their proposal. Throughout this stage, focus is on utilizing effective communication techniques and creating an exciting presentation of the proposal.


The camp is completed through a pitch stage, where the students will present their proposal to a jury, which is selected based on the problem area of the camp. After watching the presentation, the jury will select the team with the most promising proposal as the winner of the camp. Furthermore, a prize is given to the teams with the best presentation and team spirit.

Global references

Our Ideation Camp has been conducted several places around the world. The concept has been proven with various participants from pHd and master students to college level in Denmark, Ireland, Jordan, India, Singapore and Malaysia. In collaboration with global brands such as INTEL and local universities we have promoted innovation and entrepreneurship.

See specific cases and reference here

Beneath you can watch concept videos from some of our first events. Please notice that the structure of the camp has been refined and developed further, hence the slightly different approach shown in the videos.

Horsens, Denmark
Kilkenny, Ireland
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia