So far 2013 has been very busy here at Sputnik5 – busy and great!

We’ve been involved in some very exciting projects, working with excellent people and creating some real valuable change. We see an increased focus on innovation and creativity as part of the organizational culture. And it is truly important to focus on this be prepared for the future.

Here are some of our favorite projects from 2013. Happy reading!

Case: APC by Schneider Electric


Scope & client needs

Schneider Electric wanted to introduce Ideation at their site in Kolding (DK) in order to improve their creative problem solving skills and give the organization improved innovation capability.

Sputnik5 Delivery

In close collaboration with the client, Sputnik5 developed a customized training program and launch event.

  1. Training of 15 Ideation Agents at Schneider Electric. A 2 day session that enabled the agents to design, facilitate and drive innovation in the organisation
  2. To involve the entire organisation, everybody was invited to an “Ideation Day” where every single employee god introduced to ideation/innovation tools and furthermore helped to develop new solutions to a relevant challenge of Schneider Electric.
    The 15 agents were co-facilitators at the event – to test their new skills and show their new role in the organisation


  • A group of trained innovation/ideation agents that can drive innovation (bottom-up)
  • Organisational-wide understanding of the ideation/innovation framework
  • New solutions to the business challenge
  • The baseline for a culture of innovation and creativity



Case: Aibelaibel


Scope & client needs

Aibel is experiencing excessive growth in years.

They have proud traditions and excellent people in all layers of the organisation.

A new framework for the governance and values of Aibel has recently been launched.

Sputnik5 is involved in developing a program that can effectively communicate the values to the entire organisation (+10.000), in order to ultimately create a strong value-based culture at Aibel

Sputnik5 Delivery

Sputnik5 worked closely with the internal project team and top management in the pre-project, assuring a defined scope, innovative concept development and roll-out plan that was presented in a business case to key stakeholders.

  • Pre-study and interviews
  • Development of multiple concepts for on- and off-line engagement of employees in a global scale
  • Business case + global roll-out
  • Workshops and management presentations
  • New insights in the status of the company culture
  • Various conceptual recommendations on how to approach the challenge


The main project is now being prepped for launch


Case: Siemens Wind Powersiemens2

Scope & client needs

Management in a department in Siemens Wind Power wished to create a culture for creativity, appreciation and clear communication.

The ultimate goal was to improve knowledge sharing and collaboration across departments.

Sputnik5 Delivery

Sputnik5 designed a program based on Appreciative Inquiry and systematic Ideation. It was key that the program could involve all employees and be integrated in a practical fashion.

  • Interviews with employees to obtain insights
  • Design of tailored program to communicate Ideation and appreciation
  • Training workshops with +100 employees
  • Development and launch of Ambassador program to imbed the initiatives
  • Design of physical artefact to promote the appreciative culture


  • All employees are now aware of the importance of appreciation and ideation
  • Ambassadors are launching initiative during summer 2013
  • The impact will be measured in Siemens HR-Meter