Practical Ideation

Do you need fresh ideas for challenge in your organization?
Learn the basic tools for systematic ideation, and get practical and tangiable tools which you can use to manage ideation in your organization.

Innovation is now on the agenda in most organizations. But it is an increasingly complex process to handle … and where does innovation begin?
Innovation starts with a culture for ideas – and we can stimulate the development of good ideas with a concept we call Systematic Ideation.

With this intense and interactive workshop, we put focus on practical methods and tools to handle ideation in a structured way. The workshop is well suited as a after-hours meeting or as input to a long-term development process.


This event is conducted as a professional facilitated workshop. The participants will experience how it is to be part of a process where we use systematic ideation, and get familiar with the basic tools.

The event will be designed so that the participants will have to develop new solutions to a challenge, based on your organization.

Feel free to contact us for a talk about how we can use systematic ideation to boost your organization.

To provide the participant with a general understanding for ideation, and how to use the basic tools to conduct ideation meetings in their own companies.
Target group
  • Management
  • Specialists
  • Facilitators
  • Project Managers
  • HR-staff
The event is conducted as a 3-5 hour interactive workshop.
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