Innovation programme

Develop the good ideas – effectively!

Since 2008, SPUTNiK5 have designed and facillitated innovation programmes and workshops for a variety of organizations. With focus on innovation and ideation, we put together a tailored program which gives you the possilility to engange employees and external collaborators in the mos effective way.

We challenge your traditional way of thinking, through a systematic process which ensures that everyone gets to bring forth their ideas. Everyone gets involved and gets influence on the innovation process. On the way, the participants will learn about systematic ideation and creativity in professional teams.

The need for a innovation programme can arise for many reasones. Below you will find a couple of examples on areas that we have designed innovation programmes for previously.

  • Strategy development
  • Product development
  • Business development
  • Service innovation
  • Process improvements
  • Concept development
Young in Aibel, a network group within Aibel for people under 35, used SPUTNiK5 to facilitate a ideation workshop focused on coming up with new concepts on internal communication. As Aibel are expanding in both Norway and globally, and projects are split across locations, it get’s increasingly important that we communicate and work well together”. SPUTNiK5 facilitated the workshop in an excellent way, and got the participants really excited about innovation and generating new ideas. We liked the fact that we had some concrete results after the workshop which we presented to Aibel management. We’ve already recommended SPUTNiK5 for other departments in Aibel, and are looking forward to working with them again in the future.

M. Håkonsen, Project Manager – Aibel