Ideation Architect – Basic

Learn the basic tools and techniques to manage Ideation

With our Ideation Architect – Basic course, we provide you with an introduction to work more creatively and efficiently by using Systematic Ideation. We will show you the basic requisites for working systematically with creativity, and provide you with practical tools to advance the process.

Key learning points

  • Introduction to systematic ideation. What is systematic ideation, and what are the dynamics hidden behind it
  • Introduction to process management, and the facilitators role in ideation
  • Tools for focusing your project, idea creation, idea selection, conceptualization and business modelling

This training is conducted as a professional facilitated workshop. The participants will experience how it is to be part of a process where we use systematic ideation, and get familiar with facilitating ideation processes and the basic tools to manage ideation sessions.


The following tools is included in the Ideation Architect – Basic training.

  • Guidebook to systematic ideation
  • Toolbox containing practical and tangiable tools for facilitating ideation
By introducing systematic ideation in groups in our R&D organization we have seen a tremendous growth in both initiative, quality and creativeness of solutions, that increase customer value in several parts of the supply chain. We will continue to train more people this way and I would recommend this to any company looking for more efficient creative problem solving to drive their business.

K. Kjaer, Innovation Program Manager – Schneider Electric

To provide the participant with a basic understanding of systematic ideation and how to use the basic tools for idea creation.
Target group
  • Innovation staff
  • Managers
  • Project managers
  • HR staff
This training course is conducted as a 1-day training, at a venue provided by SPUTNiK5.

Please contact us for a special quote, if you consider a private training in your own organization.