Ideation Architect – Advanced

Become the driver for innovation across the organization. Learn the framework and tools for Systematic Ideation, and how to plan and facilitate effective ideation sessions.

With our Ideation Architect – Advanced training, we put focus on to how to work more creatively and efficiently by using systematic ideation. We enable you to independently design ans facilitate effective ideation sessions, and turn the ideas into real innovation.

Key Learning Points

  • Why is creativity important? For you, for your team and in a business setting?
  • How to work creatively and effectively with systematic ideation – professional and personal
  • How to design ad facilitate ideation sessions
  • Advanced Ideation management
  • Tools for scoping your project, identifying customer needs, idea idea generation, idea selection, conceptualization and business modelling

The training is conducted as a combination of interactive lectures and workshops, plus independent planning and facilitation of workshops, where the participants to the greatest extend possible will be a facilitator in a realistic setting.

As part of the training, the participants will have to plan and facilitate their own ideation session, in order to get the best hands-on experience with the tools.


The following tools is included in the Ideation Architect – Advanced training.

  • Guidebook to systematic ideation
  • Toolbox containing practical and tangiable tools for facilitating ideation sessions
In my work at Siemens Wind Power I have used the techniques and strategies of the Systematic Creativity training when hosting internal workshops, where a useful outcome is crucial, sometimes within a few hours. Siemens Wind Power is part of a fast moving business, so being able to introduce my colleagues to specific tools, which in a structured way and short period of time can give us workable results, is priceless. AND that it at the same time is created in a way so the process is fun, well that just makes it even better. I can recommend this training for everyone, not “just” people working with innovation and creativity – I actually think being able to go through a “solution creating” process in a few hours is even more important in work areas where there is less room for creativity!

L. Nielsen, Process Manager – Siemens Wind Power

To enable the participants to independently design, manage and facilitate ideation sessions in their own organization.
Target group
  • Managers
  • Innovation staff
  • R&D Staff
  • Product/Service/Software developers
  • Project managers
  • HR Managers
The training is conducted as 2 displaced dates (2 x 7,5 hours), at a venue provided by SPUTNiK5. In between these dates, the participants are offered individual coaching on assignments.

Please contact us for a special quote, if you consider a private training in your own organization.