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Innovation is now on the agenda in most organizations. But it is an increasingly complex process to handle … and where does innovation begin?
Innovation starts with a culture for ideas – and we can stimulate the development of good ideas with a concept we call Systematic Creativity.

To convey the understanding and the ability to utilize Ideation in the best possible way, we have designed a series of interactive training courses. These courses is developed for a segment of business professionals in collaboration with our clients.

Feel free to contact us for a talk about how we can assist you with systematic creativity in your organization.

Practical Ideation

Practical Ideation

Need fresh ideas? Practical Ideation is a short and intense workshop where you experience the basic tools and framework for systematic creativity. The course is well suited for a after-hours event, or as a input for a long-term development cycle.

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Ideation Architect basic

Ideation Architect – Basic

Ideation Architect – Basic, is our training course for you who want to become more effective in developing ideas and think outside-the-box. You will get a basic understanding of  “systematic creativity”, and experience with practical and tangible tools to handle the Ideation process.

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Ideation Architect advanced

Ideation Architect – Advanced

Our Ideation Architect – Advanced course, provides you with the necessary tools and techniques to independently design and facilitate a ideation process. You will become an ambassador and driver for innovation & creativity in your organization.

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Innovation programmes

Innovation programme

Does your organization face a specific challenge or opportunity that requires a new kind of thinking? Do you wish to involve your employees, customers, partners etc. in the development process?

At SPUTNiK5 we design customized innovation programmes modified for different needs. Let us challenge your way of thinking and help you come up with real innovative solutions in a programme designed for your exact situation.

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