Systematic Creativity and Idea Management

Systematic Creativity may seem like a self-contradicting term but it really captures the essence of what an organization must first master to boost the innovative capability.

If creativity is the ability to create new ideas and solutions, then Systematic Creativity is the ability to systematize this process to make idea development more efficient and to make it something that can be turned on and off and used whenever it is necessary. This ability is essential and can be learned by everyone.

A model for systematic creativity

At SPUTNiK5 we operate with a simple model for highly effective Systematic Creativity that can be easily implemented in any team or organization. The model will provide employees and managers with a process for the idea development and furthermore establish an easy common language for ideation and highly creative brainstorming.

Useful when you need…
  • To boost the overall ability to develop highly creative ideas and improve practical problem solving in individuals, teams or the entire organization.
  • A common language and an efficient process for effective idea development.
The result…
  • Radically increased level of creativity in practical problem solving which will fuel increased innovative capability.
  • Radically increased amount of developed ideas from all employees.
  • Employees and managers who are skilled in process facilitation for drastically improved results from idea development meetings as well as customer focus groups and partner meetings.