Innovative Teams

Innovative Teams are the driving force of any innovative organization. Members as well as managers of Innovative Teams must understand the psychology of creative teams and embrace the diversity and their fit within the modern organization.

Creative and innovative teams are diverse and yet able to work highly integrated and efficiently in a turbulent environment and with a high level of task ambiguity. This highly dynamic work setting calls for skills and competences within communication and diversity management that need to be learned first hand and practiced daily. These abilities are essential and can be learned by everyone.

Training in Innovative Teams and Collaboration

At SPUTNiK5 we use several methods to improve the innovative capacity of teams, such as profile tools, communication development and team diversity training. We go beyond team building and implement new frameworks for collaboration that will create a lasting performance improvement in the teams for the good of the company.

Useful when you need…
  • To boost teamwork and cross functional collaboration in a constantly developing organization.
  • A common language and an efficient process for effective teamwork and collaboration.
The result…
  • Radically increased teamwork and cross functional collaboration capability.
  • A more flexible and agile organization, able to handle more complex projects and tasks.
  • Employees and managers who understand and embrace diversity as an advantage in innovation.