Concept Innovation

Concept Innovation refers to a unique approach to innovation that is driven by customer focused product, service and process development projects.

Concept driven innovation takes its starting point in generating a thorough understanding of the customer and his pain points and jobs-to-be-done, before moving into a process of successive rapid development iterations of highly creative ideation, prototyping, testing, and further development of the ideas into groundbreaking, innovative customer delighting product and service concepts.

The ability of a company to be an innovative concept developer is a matter of not only a process model, employee and management skills, but also the development of a truly innovative culture of cross functional collaboration and an altruistic approach to problem solving and truly embracing diversity.

Concept Development

“What is a Concept?”, you may ask. A concept is an outline of a product, a service or a process – that is to say it is not the actual product, but it is a framework for what the product is in words, drawings, prototypes, specifications, business cases, etc.

“So why develop concepts?”, you may then ask. Separating concept development from product development is useful because in the concept phase everything is possible. No resources have been committed to production and no physical or organizational limitations exist for the form and content of the new product. The smaller the amount of resources invested, the smaller the need for risk reduction will be, and the bigger the freedom of the project will be.

Innovative Concept Development is all about exploiting the freedom of the very early stages of the development process, to create highly innovative and revolutionary new products, services and processes.

Useful when you need…
  • To create radical new products, services or processes for existing or new customers.
  • To drastically increase the innovative capability of the organization.
  • A common language and understanding for the Innovative Process.
The result…
  • Concepts and roadmaps for radically innovative new products and services based on real customer needs.
  • Employees trained in the essential innovation skills.
  • A more agile and dynamic solution driven culture in the organization.
  • Highly dynamic and empowered teams to drive the innovation effort going forward.