About SPUTNiK5

SPUTNiK5 is a consultancy agency delivering services within systematic creativity, innovation and ideation.

The name SPUTNiK5 refers to the fifth Sputnik satellite launched by the Soviet space agency. Sputnik means Travelling Companion and Sputnik V was the first vessel in history to successfully bring live creatures into the infinity of space and back again. This is to us an important monument to the resourcefulness and creativity of man which lies at the core of our ability to succeed and overcome even seemingly impossible endeavors.

In SPUTNiK5 we want to take you on a trip into the infinite space of new impossible possibilities and show you how a systematic and insightful approach to the use of creativity can move both people and mountains in and outside your organization

The Team of Sputniks

Our team consist of happy and highly skilled people from different backgrounds.
We believe true creativity and innovation starts with people and that different
views are needed to challenge our way of doing things.

Martin Schorling Overgård
CEO & Co-Founder
Anders Sahl
Ulla Tønner
Michael Jørgensen
IMT Lead
Jon Gotlev
Web & Graphics


Board members and advisors

Mads Thimmer, CEO & Co-founder @ Innovation Lab
Max Stougaard, Partner @ Innovation Lab
Kristoffer Kjaer, Innovation Program Manager @ APC/Schneider Electric

As part of Innovation Lab, we have access to a global network of makers, innovators, geeks, changers and entrepreneurs. Feel assured that we can
assembly the perfect team to take on any assignment.

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